Unique educational opportunities
Learn the history & culture of Wyoming’s Carbon County in new & exciting ways with our Ed-Venture Program featuring special tours, standard-aligned school programs & gallery activities. The Program is designed to lead teachers, students, parents, & community members through the exciting world of Carbon County history.
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Autographed CJ Box Books Available
The proceeds of these sales go toward refurbishing the historic Hugus-Ferguson Building on Cedar Street, in Rawlins, which will eventually be the new home of The Heritage & Cultural Center of Carbon County.
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Historical Archives & Research Requests
Carbon County Museum accepts research requests pertaining to Carbon County people, places, and history. To submit a research request or contribute to our archival research materials, please contact our collections department.
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Local Historic Attractions You Won't Want to Miss
Carbon County has many historic sites you won't want to miss! Drop by the Museum and we will give you the low-down on all the spots you won't want to miss.
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