Carbon County Museum Education - Ed-Venture Programs

Carbon County Museum is home to unique and fascinating artifacts that represent the history of Carbon County in a new and fascinating light. 

Carbon County Museum is an ideal space for students of all ages to learn about local history. Our focus is providing context for important historical aspects 

We present programs designed to engage students and all learners creatively to bring history to life, celebrating the past and inspiring students for the future.

Ed-Venture Traveling Programs

Each program is designed to bring history to life through replicated or original artifacts. Topics range from fossil identification, to Native American history and culture, to the expansion of the Union Pacific Railroad through Carbon County. These subjects are available for students grades K-12.

 With the artifacts included in each bin artifacts, students have the opportunity to hold a piece of Carbon County history while following state common core standards for social studies, language arts, and fine arts. 

Programs can either be presented on site or we gladly will come to your classroom, club, or organization. 

For more information, contact our Director of Marketing and Educational Outreach, Dolores Pfeuffer-Scherer, PhD at or (307) 328-2740 to schedule a program for your classroom.

Please note that during these programs, the teacher must stay in the classroom to supervise students.

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