We are happy to report that our museum has received a grant from the Union Pacific Railroad to renovate our current exhibit.

Grants like this mean a lot to any museum and we’re excited to share our process with you. As we go through the process, stay tuned for updates.

Here is a picture from a section of the current exhibit:

current exhibit carbon county museum 1

From the viewpoint of curating exhibits, there’s good and bad in this photo: obviously, the mannequins are dated. We can still display the uniforms, but there are other ways to do so without using what appears to be female forms disguised as men.

The background photo, an image from our collection, It’s a wonderful image and we’re debating whether or not to retain it in the new exhibit. The front standalone panels are great, but we’re not going to retain them because we want to stagger the display in terms of height, objects, and panels. Not only is that more visually appealing, it enables us to be less text-dependent.

This is another image from the current exhibit:

current exhibit carbon county museum 2

We are going to keep this display case, but we intend to redo it entirely, including the top sign. Thankfully, we have acquired new objects that we are processing and will use in our new exhibit.

Here is a photo of our Executive Director, Dr. Steven C. Dinero (L) with Board President, Ken Klouda (R) looking through Mr. Klouda’s collection that he donated to the museum:

current exhibit carbon county museum 3

I will update you on our progress as we work to create the best exhibit possible. Thank you to the Union Pacific for their generous grant.

Dr. Dolores Pfeuffer-Scherer